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I believe this is the most vital question to the origin of hair extensions. It can help hair virgins choose the right option. Asking this question also broadens the knowledge of those who are more ahead in the hair game.

According to Google, hair extensions are “artificial hair integrations” that is for the enhancement of your natural hair. There are various ways for them to be applied. Stay tuned as we’ll dive in a bit more on how you can apply them. For years, hair extensions have been the thriving, driven factor for the evolution of the hair industry.

I believe if women were limited to the options of hair enhancement with hair extensions not being one of them, we’d all go bald, so I think we owe hair extensions and those responsible for their creation a standing ovation and round of applause!

Most hair extensions hail from the world’s largest continent, Asia including various countries like India, Cambodia, and even Vietnam.

Some hair extensions, known as “luxury hair,” can also come from other countries like Brazil or Peru. As part of heavy devotion to their religion, many temple worshippers sacrifice their long hair for rituals.

Do you think all that hair would go to waste?

Many hair experts and profit-driven individuals determined to incline their way in the hair industry successfully made it a growing multibillion-dollar market. Little do people know, much of the hair extension branch of the hair industry isn’t governed and properly regulated.

Much of the production of hair extensions and how they make them is in their home country which consists of being soaked in germ-killing acids and the hair being wefted to be auctioned off.

You’re probably wondering, “what is a hair weft?”

Hair wefting is the technique of binding the hair together by machine, by tape, or even by hand. The most popular option for hair wefting is by machine as the hair sews on by the machine creating tracks and then clips being sewn on and added afterward.

This technique of hair wefting helps create a more natural look making it high quality and allows for easy application. It is easy to manipulate hair extensions that are bonded using a machine for trimming and styling. They are more stable, and the weft is less affected.

There are tons of hair retailers in the world today.

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What more could you ask for?

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Because hair extensions are an investment, there are some questions you may want to ask yourself to determine what brand of hair extensions may be best for you.

Questions like: what type of hair extensions would work best for me, natural or synthetic?

Getting the right answers to your questions will help point you in the right direction towards the best quality Hair!

The cost of hair extensions always depends on the type of hair quality and the technique used for installation.

It’s also important to vary in the factor of getting them installed professionally or at home. Now even though these are two different costs, you still want to incorporate both into your decision making on whether to get hair extensions or not.

First, I’d like to share specific installation methods used in a salon for the specific type of extensions to help you determine how much you’re willing to spend.

After much searching, I’ve found that clip-in hair extensions and sewn in hair extensions are the most affordable and durable ranging anywhere between one hundred and fifty dollars to four hundred dollars.

Sew-ins are used with needle and thread to connect the extensions through the wefts to your braided down hair, and clip-on extensions can just clip onto the roots of your hair. Tape-in hair extensions fall within the same price range but are not durable at all. On the high end, fusion extensions are ranging from fifteen hundred dollars to two thousand dollars because it takes a lot of time to apply the hair strand by strand.

Which would you be willing to pay for?